Hi Stan

You should take a look at the Beronet VoLTE SBC: https://www.beronet.com/gateway/volte-sbc/

It does all you want, up to 6 SIM slots, SIP routing, SMS via REST-API and there is an "app marketplace" where you can install OpenVPN as client or server on the box.

Feel free to contact me if you need someone to import one :-)

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On 12.08.20 09:43, Stanislav Sinyagin wrote:
hi all,

Swisscom will discontinue the old GSM service soon, so I'll need to replace an old gateway.

Any recommendation will be appreciated. I'm looking for a ready-made voice gateway, as follows:

* 4 or 5 SIM card slots
* support for VoLTE and UMTS (in Swiss frequency bands)
* Voice calls routed via SIP
* API for receiving SMS
* Nice to have: support for OpenVPN or some other VPN.


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