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Thanks for the discussion so far. My original intend to do a post asking about SPF was to get a general feeling about what the community thinks. It seems to me, that there is still a lot of mistrust considering the efficency around. To be honest I was really surprised reading comments sounding like "does not solve spam problem", "watch out postmasters implementing it wrong" and so on. Come on guys. I'm certainly not the one implementing it and then fully discarding mails by the means of SPF.
When I wrote my origial post there was a customer getting many bounces because of his domain being used to forge. Sure, SPF does not prevent the misuse of my customer's domain, but it helps in by other means. Aren't AOL, GMX, Yahoo, Web.de and other freemailers checking for it and giving their Webmail user a hint, when the mail was sent over a mailserver other than stated via SPF entry? Imho, preety useful for banks fighting phishing mails.

Ah before I forget: just because it is not the "EierlegendeWollMilchSau", don't tell it's broken.

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... and not from the Fürst! (Who gets it?) ;F
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