For this companie i never will work. But we are working with Networking and Telephone. We must switch by clients some ISDN and Analoge Lines. I see in the houses where working different Electricien,.is on the switching Rooms were maked some troubles. When you have the same Problems in the Switchboard. The state creates a company, which administers the whole lines and switchboards. This rents then everything to the offerers such as Swisscom, orange, Sunrise etc.. Then the quality could become secured. Otherwise we will have an enormous chaos sometime.
Gruss Xaver
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are you working for sc?


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I ask myself, what differentiated is... If the last mile is released the
chaos with the competence will be only larger.

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Betreff: [swinog] Last mile debate postponed

It seems that the Ständerat is not debating about the last mile this
spring session:

that will likely mean that we wait at least until 2007 or 2008.

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