Hi all,

Since I gave up on my business, I have more than 20 quality desks and close to 40 chairs to give away for free! Plus one luxury flipchart.

I really mean it, all that stuff can be had for _free_!

Only catch is: You need to come and pick it up either today (Friday) at Brauerstrasse 97 in St. Gallen. Everything that's not gone by this eve will be hauled off by the brocki or thrown away :-(

Desks and chairs are disassembled already for quick and easy transport. Nuts and bolts for reassembly included. We have a large elevator and a loading bay if you come by truck...

Desks are 150x75x72 in size with a robust 40mm white/pale grey wooden plate and adjustable dark grey steel feet. Chairs are of the simple type but with a flexible back rest.

Pictures can be found here:

Drop me a line or call me after 10:00am on 078 878 2468 if you want some.



-= Amat Victoria Curam =-