Good SWINOGers,

I am seeking your evaluation of how well my data matches your perception.

Firstly, however, I beg pardon for cross-posting;
this thread appears in other operator mailing lists.
I am trying to reach as many operators as possible.

Please find here a snapshot of two datasets concerning access technologies in the metro area.
The bar chart on the left (not on the right, as inadvertently posted on NANOG) summarizes data I collected last year from *NOGs;
the bar chart on the right summarizes data received through commissioned market research, from Tier 1 and/or regional operators.

The y-axis shows cumulative responses for an option;
the x-axis shows monikers for the access technologies.

A second snapshot shows the same data,
but this time with each response weighted by a conservative estimate of the respondent's subscriber base across all geographical regions.
Here, the y-axis shows an estimate of the number of subscribers using the access technology.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Ing. Etienne-Victor Depasquale
Assistant Lecturer
Department of Communications & Computer Engineering
Faculty of Information & Communication Technology
University of Malta