I don't know the Swiss delegate to WCIT. As co-author of Arnold's presentation I would like to point out 2 of the references on slide 7 of the presentation:

   –Example of a controversial document: ETNO (The European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association) Paper on Contribution to WCIThttp://www.etno.eu/news/etno/2012/51)

–Example of a reply to a controversial document: US Ambassador Kennard's speech at the FR ETNO conference 

Swisscom and TDC are members of ETNO.

Since Arnold's presentation, the Euro-IX open letter has been signed by 49 Euro-IX members (among them CIXP and SwissIX) from 37 IXPs from 24 countries and it was sent to CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations) with copy to the Neelie Kroes secretariat. The open letter is on the Web at:

   https://www.euro-ix.net/documents/1050-Euro-IX-WCIT- OpenLetterCEPT-pdf?download=yes

Distribution of the open letter to the media is welcome!


Ludwig Pregernig

(CIXP General Manger until my retirement from CERN, but still Euro-IX Board Member)

On 27 Nov 2012, at 16:37, Fredy Kuenzler wrote:

Does anyone know the Swiss delegate of the upcoming ITU conference in Dubai? It would be appropriate if the delegate of our democratic country actually has a known face and we all know how he/she is going to vote.

The topics in this conference are a real threat to the Internet we know and love (refer to the SwiNOG #25 slides of Arnold).

If you are not familiar yet with the topic, watch (and share) this website and video:


Fredy Künzler / Init7

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